Solutions for Schools

The Arts Centre Telford offers staffing, curriculum development and extra curricular provision solutions for schools. With a combined experience of over 20 years in state schools in the West Midlands, including leading an outstanding Music department and teaching Performing Arts in the top-performing comprehensive school in England, Team TACT are in an ideal situation to provide the solutions to support local schools. 


Support to make your school a singing school - how to create a singing ethos that runs through your school - workshops, choirs, events and concerts

School Productions

We can offer a complete package for producing your school show, from show selection, student recruitment and an inclusive audition process to rehearsal, development and performance of the production. 


Specialist arts supply staff, maternity leave cover staff, part-time staff for schools who require immediate solutions to staffing issues. 


Music, Drama and Dance clubs for primary and secondary schools.

Bespoke and specialist arts workshops to the needs of the school and curriculum.



For primary teachers on the deliver of the new National Curriculum for Music.
For teachers on the use of voice in the classroom - physiology and protection of the voice in the workplace.


For Music, Drama and Performing Arts from EYFS to Post 16 provision.

Curriculum Development 

For Music, Drama and Performing Arts from EYFS.

BTEC, GCSE and A-Level Support 

Coaching and support for developing or recently improving Performing & Expressive Arts departments and for newly appointed Heads of Department, Subject Leaders and Subject Coordinators.


Support for School Senior Leaders on developing Arts rich schools and how to effectively manage Arts departments - square pegs in round holes?

Arts Rich