The Arts Centre Telford and Gaston Payne School of Dance

Effectively immediately, the Gaston Payne School of Dance & Theatre
has become part of The Arts Centre Telford.

At the end of this term, Gaston Payne School will close and re-open as:
“The Arts Centre Telford
- Gaston Payne Campus” - from 1st January 2018. 

Over the next month:

  • The already fantastic purpose built facility will undergo a major refurbishment and will re-open as a modern and attractive campus with modern technology and a full range of equipment. 
  • A timetable will be constructed that will reflect the needs of dance students across Shropshire and offer a rigorous RAD and ISTD syllabus dance training.
  • An outstanding staff team will be appointed to begin teaching in January.

The Arts Centre Telford is a highly successful performing arts school and theatre company that was established in 2011. TACT is based in Ketley and operates 5 busy studios every week night and all weekend. TACT has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who have developed a school that produces excellent exam results, stunning theatre and students that graduate onto professional stage school training every year.

Mandy Causer, RAD ISTD IDTA, became Principal of Gaston Payne School of Theatre & Dance in 2002 and has led the school to huge success over the past 15 years. Following her retirement from Principalship, Mandy will join the TACT teaching staff as a teacher of ballet. Mandy will also offer one-to-one private tuition and will choreograph festival competition entries. Mandy is an extremely experienced teacher and choreographer and students in Shropshire will benefit from her expert guidance. 

Who will be running the school?
The Arts Centre Telford is owned and led by Ross Doodson, Ruth Standley & Bobby Standley. 

How can we find out more?
The existing TACT website is where you can see a little more about what we do. The alumni page may be of particular interest to parents who realise that high quality, specialist tuition is the key to future success for their children.

There will be an Open Day at TACT: Gaston Payne Campus on Saturday 6th January 2018 where parents and students can see the refurbished school, meet the staff and discuss the educational programme with the Leadership Team.

Enquiries can be sent to or Ross Doodson can be contacted on 07469885184. We would encourage parents who wish to know more about the school’s new arrangements to contact us as soon as possible.

We have built a school that we are enormously proud of and we are now delighted to be taking over the leadership of one of the longest established performing arts institutions in Shropshire to build on the  existing success. We hope that you will join us on this artistic and creative journey.

Bobby Standley