The Arts Centre Telford
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Chris Pierce

“All three of my children are involved in TACT. The best recommendation is that they can’t wait to get there every week! TACT supports them as performers; offering many opportunities to participate in shows and events as well as providing high quality lessons which have resulted in excellent progress. TACT offers just the right balance of challenge, discipline and fun to make it a safe, friendly environment. I never fail to admire the camaraderie and support that the young people in TACT offer each other, even when they have been auditioning against each other they are genuinely pleased when someone is offered a part and celebrate their success with them. It is clear that these values are embedded from the ethos of the company and the staff who work there.

Since joining TACT I have seen my children grow in confidence not just on the stage but in other aspects of their lives. I have seen them use their skills to secure part time jobs and manage stressful situations such as starting a new school with confidence.

Being part of the TACT family means that they spend their free time participating in something positive, feeling a sense of belonging and developing skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.”


Natalie Holt

“I cannot praise TACT highly enough. My only disappointment is that I never discovered it years ago. My daughter has been attending for just 12 months and in that time has developed immensely as a performer and as a person. She has been tutored to an exceptional standard and has enjoyed every second. My son has also recently joined and he absolutely loves going as well. 

The staff really know what they are doing but deliver their expertise in such a fun and unique way. 

The performances which are shown are of an outstanding quality from the music, the set, the costumes etc. 

My daughter is soon leaving to further her education in performing arts in London and I can honestly say she wouldn’t have gained her place had it not been for the sound advice, guidance and tuition she has received at TACT. I do not say this lightly, it really is an amazing place for any child to go to.”


Isobel Williams

“The young people of Telford and the surrounding areas are exceptionally lucky to have such a fantastic performing arts school right on their doorstep. TACT offers unique and fantastic opportunities to children and young people of all ages and abilities. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential and is nurtured in a safe, happy and fun environment. The skills they learn are easily transferable into their everyday lives giving them the qualities they need to take on the world and succeed whatever they do. The teachers are second-to-none, working on each project with enthusiasm and dedication which is contagious. We cannot thank TACT enough for providing our children opportunities not offered by any other local stage school.”


Michelle Blackford

“When looking for a performing arts school for my son I knew exactly what I wanted and TACT ticked all the boxes - they are professional, enthusiastic, offer the highest standards of tuition and guidance for their students in a very friendly environment. 

The young people who attend here are a real credit to the school thanks to their incredibly talented teachers who have a great relationship with their students.

I’ve watched my son grow so much with his performing arts skills and as a person in the short time he’s been with them.

I cannot recommend TACT enough.”


Jenny Jackson

“Ella’s first TACT audition was the week following her 8th birthday and having seen a few of the shows she couldn’t wait to join in. Ella was no stranger to performing onstage, having taken part in a number of school plays, but she was still a little nervous about meeting a whole new set of people. 

She needn’t have worried; the group has a real family feel to it and since joining we have seen her confidence steadily grow and her performance skills develop rapidly. There’s always a new challenge, and the positive feedback received during dance and singing lessons has really encouraged her in these areas. She’s also had the opportunity to perform in Live Lounge and Oliver productions, and it goes without saying that this is exciting, both for her and for us. But perhaps more importantly, she can’t wait to get to her next rehearsals and to have fun with her new friends. 

We couldn’t be happier with the support Ella has been given or with the positive role models within the group that she learns from and looks up to. What’s more, everything is delivered in a fun yet structured way through experienced tutors who know how to get the best from all. Thank you.”


Sandra Towers

“After over two years of Tact lessons and shows I feel I can leave a really honest review. The lessons are excellent due to the high quality of the staff and their commitment and passion. What really stands out for me is how well the teachers  work across the ages - they are just as strong with unsure beginners and toddlers as they are with teens and preparing those stepping up to Arts Schools. This stems from a genuine care and love for what they do and it’s intrinsic in everyone who works there. There’s a full range of lessons to choose from and competitions and shows too - so that you can pick and mix to suit your child’s interests and time available. Crucially for me though is the intangible stuff that you didn’t realise flourishes within the arts until you watch the kids thrive. I’ve taught a number of children who have been part of Tact and gone on to secure places in esteemed Arts Colleges across the country; I’ve also watched them blossom into incredible young adults: compassionate and thoughtful as well as hugely entertaining and confident in the right places. I’m now watching my own children take this journey. They are making wonderful friendships that know no barriers in terms of age, gender etc and are developing in confidence. They are not children born with exceptional talents but they shine due to hard work that seems effortless because they enjoy it so much. This is a wonderful life lesson for them; we continue to be delighted to be part of the Tact family and recommend it whole heartedly.”


Nicola Pearson

“All three of my children attend The Arts Centre Telford and all three have reaped the benefits; TACT has taught them commitment and resilience through the high standards and expectations, and in response they have blossomed in the classroom and on stage. They are all very different characters but the TACT team work tirelessly to bring out the best in each of them. They have developed in confidence and all made so much progress under the guidance of skilled, patient and talented teachers. But more than any of this, they love going to TACT and can't wait for lessons, rehearsals and shows. They've made strong friendships and all feel part of the TACT family. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending TACT.”


Louisa Johnson

Our journey with The Arts Centre Telford began three years ago when our
eldest daughter, Rosie, was struggling with her confidence at school
and both her class teacher and I felt it was starting to hold her
back. She tried a couple of local stage schools and drama clubs, but
they just didn’t suit her. When you’re so quiet, you can get lost in a
room of big personalities! TACT however, couldn’t have been more
different, they have provided her with a safe, nurturing space to find
her own voice. TACT has developed Rosie’s ability to make new friends,
communicate and work as part of a team.

This summer Rosie received the leading role in a production of Danny
Champion of the World. The support and genuine care she received from
the staff and young cast was incredible. I truly believe it was a life
changing experience for her. Rosie has started her last year of
primary school a far more confident and resilient girl. She now
contributes in class and will attempt to answer questions, when she
might not have before. Ultimately TACT has challenged Rosie’s opinion
of herself and what she can aspire to be, which isn’t an actor!

It may sound like a cliché, but TACT is like a big family and one both
of my girls are proud to be part of. Their Saturday classes provide
them with a balance of fun, whilst challenging them enough to develop
and improve their skills. The girls love being around older members,
whom are all such great role models in terms of talent and more
generally, just lovely human beings!

We cannot recommend or thank the team at TACT enough.